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What is the cost of a residential security system?
Alarm Solutions custom designs each system to meet your exact requirements. In our case, custom does not mean expensive. We evaluate your home or business, listen to your concerns, and then design a system to meet your needs. The cost of the system depends on how much equipment you need to protect your space. With a free evaluation, in most cases, Alarm Solutions can provide a proposal while on site.

What type of equipment make up a security system?

Some or all of this equipment will be used depending on your individual needs:

  • The main control panel
  • Cellular unit (if there is not a phone line)
  • Arm/disarm keypads
  • Door contacts
  • Window contacts
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Back up battery

Is a security system easy to use?

Yes, all it takes is a 4 digit code that you enter to arm/disarm the system.

Can I arm or disarm my security system with my cell phone?
Yes, provided that we have installed the necessary devices (cell unit).

Will wires be run through my home?
No, in today’s world with advanced technology, most residential systems are wireless.

What happens if my home loses power?
The backup battery located in the main control panel will continue to run the system like normal. When the power comes back on, it will automatically recharge the battery.

Do I need a home phone line?
No, Alarm Solutions will use a cellular unit for communication purposes if a home phone line is not available.

Are your technicians licensed and bonded?

How long does it typically take to install a residential security system?
In most cases, the installation/programming will take 3 to 4 hrs.

Can you work on systems that you didn’t install?
In almost every case, our technicians can work on your system regardless of who installed it. Whether you originally went with a national company or a different local business, our team is qualified to service your system in at least 95% of cases.

What happens if I need service on my system?
Alarm Solutions has technicians on call 24/7 to answer questions or to respond to service issues.