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Thank you for taking the time to learn about Alarm Solutions Inc.

My name is Ron German and I entered the alarm industry in 1986. Over the last three decades, I’ve held every position an alarm company could offer: apprentice, journeymen technician, sales rep, sales manager, and general manager.

Throughout the years I developed a recipe for how I believed an alarm company should look, act, and function in a customer-driven industry. In March of 2003, I turned my vision into action and started an alarm company based on those ideas.

Today, Alarm Solutions has over 2000 customers and 6 employees. We follow a business recipe that I feel our customers positively respond to and continue to allow us to achieve long term growth and stability:

  • We make customer service our priority.
  • We hire and keep the best technicians.
  • We install the most technologically advanced systems.
  • We make it user-friendly.
  • And we top it off with the best warranties and guarantees in the industry.

This is our recipe for success and why you can be confident that our company is your alarm solution!